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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - for exhibitors

Covid-19 Update

FAQ due to the impact of Covid-19 (as of 12 October 2020)

To make good decisions - for your company, your employees and for yourself - you need up-to-date information. We would like to answer the most important questions about FRUIT LOGISTICA 2021 and the effects of COVID-19.
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Please also visit the Messe Berlin website for general information on this topic. The regulations listed in the following FAQ are binding for FRUIT LOGISTICA.


FRUIT LOGISTICA SPECIAL EDITION will be held from 18 to 20 May 2021. Instead of February, it will take place in spring. The shift allows for more buyers from very different regions to travel to Berlin thus further increasing business opportunities for all trade show participants.

The concept of SPECIAL EDITION is adapted to focus on business meetings in Berlin and expanding business opportunities. We adopted two major changes:

Firstly, we shifted the date of event to spring: 18 May to 20 May 2021. Note also that FRUIT LOGISTICA SPECIAL EDITION starts on Tuesday, finishing on Thursday to accommodate convenience of international travellers returning home before the weekend.

Secondly, we adapted the concept. We are making exhibiting more simple, reducing the effort needed to prepare the presence. Exhibitors will be asked to choose from turnkey exhibition packages that maximise flexibility and reduce their investment and associated risks. This modular stand system offers three basic stand sizes (see Exhibiting). With the slogan “Meet onsite. Connect online.” we put a clear priority on the face-to-face meeting in Berlin and at the same time add digital elements offering solutions to engage. This includes smart business meeting functionality and broadcasting of the conference program. Hence, we chose the name FRUIT LOGISTICA Special Edition to emphasise the special conditions and participation rules which contrast to the regular trade event you all know well.

These changes are based on our analysis of what our clients need and what necessary factors we can control for them. We want to enable the global fresh fruit and vegetable industry to meet in person and reconnect in Berlin in a safe environment.

While FRUIT LOGISTICA SPECIAL EDITION 2021 builds on a clearly reduced total space, it offers the opportunity for a maximum number of registered companies to showcase products onsite. The new format lowers the investment of our customers, allows time for decisions and also reduces the number of staff needed to be onsite in Berlin.

Information regarding the participation packages and further details will be available by 23 October 2020. Please understand that we need the time to finalise the details and terms and conditions of FRUIT LOGISTICA SPECIAL EDITION. The FRUIT LOGISTICA team has already informed all exhibitors. Our global network of representatives covering over 150 countries is already getting in touch directly with exhibitors.


The turnkey exhibition packages fundamentally reduce total investment of our exhibitors and reduce lead time for exhibitors to be ready to meet buyers face-to-face. This means we minimise the amount of time needed on the fairgrounds before the exhibition opens its doors. Exhibitors will be able to travel to Berlin in a smaller team.

We offer a choice of packages for each of the three pre-defined stand sizes. Packages include the stand space, stand construction and robust internet access.

There are three different stand sizes: 18, 36 and 54 square meters. There is a maximum number of individuals allowed per stand. For example on an 18 square meter stand, two staff members plus two customers, so four individuals in total will safeguard safe distance on the stand at all times. This limitation is part of our effort to rethink how exhibitions work under the current circumstances. These changes are part of FRUIT LOGISTICA SPECIAL EDITION’s Safety and Hygiene Concept.

We recommend you to secure your participation and stand as soon as is possible. Information regarding the participation packages and further details will be shared with exhibitors by 23 October. Soon after, we will make a placement offer to registered exhibitors. Then, participations can be firmed up within the regular time frame. This year FRUIT LOGISTICA SPECIAL EDITION has a fixed capacity, so make sure to participate before we are fully booked. As usual, we will aim to offer a good solution for everyone with solid commitment to attend.

It is not possible to build a custom designed stand. Our modular stand planning allows for short-term planning, changes and optimal cancellation terms. The system simplifies the logistics substantially considering the current times. Individual stands would mean significantly longer preparation times and uncertainties, for example, whether relevant companies or deliveries could be held up at borders.

Yes, FRUIT LOGISTICA SPECIAL EDITION 2021 will have national pavilions. In accordance with our theme areas, exhibitors from one theme area will exhibit here together.

Costs, Terms & Conditions

The modular stand construction allows for short-term decisions. This permits exhibitors to cancel free of charge up to four weeks before the event begins. Less than 4 weeks there is only a cancellation fee of 25 percent. Accordingly, exhibitors who cancel less than 3 weeks before the event begins pay 50 percent, less than 2 weeks, 75 percent and less that one week prior it is 100 percent.


If we as the organizer cannot hold FRUIT LOGISTICA for reasons outside our own control, we will not charge our exhibitors for their stand rental. Your stand rental payment would then be returned to you or at your request brought forward to the next edition. Please refer to our General Terms of Business for Trade Fairs and Exhibitions organized by Messe Berlin GmbH (PDF, 168.3 kB).

The conditions stated above are subject to the final participation terms and conditions of FRUIT LOGISTICA SPECIAL EDITION 2021.

Hygiene and Safety Concept

The safety and health of our exhibitors, partners and visitors is our top priority. Therefore Messe Berlin has developed a comprehensive hygiene and safety concept based on cooperation with the responsible health department. This concept is based on the following principles: hygiene, distance and contact tracking.

  • Compliance with strict and increased cleaning cycles for communal facilities and contact areas.
  • All sanitary facilities will increasingly subjected to surface disinfection, and the soap dispensers will also constantly refilled and disinfected.
  • The operational control of the modern ventilation systems ensures that the halls are always well ventilated.
  • Permanent, active information before and during the fair about measures to be taken to prevent infection by everyone.
  • High density of hand washing and hand disinfection options at entrances, information stands and catering points.
  • Observance of the recognized distance rules and appeal to personal responsibility
  • Prioritization of a "no handshake policy"

In addition to the responsibility of Messe Berlin, everyone involved in events is also responsible for implementing the hygiene and safety measures.

For information, these regulations and other general principles of conduct are announced in advance online and on site on notice boards and through hall announcements. The rules can be safely implemented thanks to the house rules that apply to everyone present.

Download FRUIT LOGISTICA SPECIAL EDITION 2021 Hygiene and Safety Concept. (PDF, 502.7 kB)

The contact details and presence times of exhibitors, service providers, employees and trade visitors will be recorded by Messe Berlin prior to the entire event, including setup and dismantling, i.e. specifically: first and last name, telephone number, full postal address or email address.
Please note that all persons (exhibitors, stand personnel, service providers, ...) have to register online before start of set up and have to bring their access authorization with them. This also applies to all trade visitors. Registrations and the purchase of tickets won´t be possible on site. An identity check will carried out when entering the exhibition grounds, i.e. the name on the access authorization / entry card must match the proof of identity (ID). Otherwise it won´t be possible to enter the premises.

Attendance times will also be recorded when entering or leaving the measuring site. However, they will only be available for the responsible health department if requested by the authorities. The data will processed in accordance with data protection requirements and deleted four weeks after leaving the venue.

As an exhibitor, you are responsible for keeping a contact list of those present at your stand and making it available to the health authorities to identify contact persons for SARS-CoV-2 infected people. This also applies to employees, suppliers, service providers, external companies and self-employed employees who are involved in stand construction. All data must be stored for four weeks in compliance with the GDPR regulations and then deleted.

You can support the app-based solution Scan2Lead for the electronic recording of relevant data. The information is immediately available for further processing. All data is saved in your Scan2Lead web portal. You can book this service (for a fee) via the BECO-Webshop at FRUIT LOGISTICA.

Catering at the exhibition stand will be allowed, provided that the applicable SARS-CoV-2 infection protection ordinance of the state of Berlin is complied with. In addition, the DEHOGA recommendations (in German only) and the BGN publication "Supplement to the risk assessment for the hospitality industry" (PDF, 1.4 MB)(PDF, 1.4 MB) (in German only) must be observed.

In addition, decentralized issuing points must be planned in order to counteract an excessive density of people. If this is not spatially possible, only table service is permitted.

A minimum distance of 1.50 m between the tables must be ensured for seating. Groups of up to six people can sit at a table less than 1.50 m apart. Self-service stations are only allowed if the minimum distance is observed.

Classic drinks receptions and stand parties (events at the stand) are not permitted to protect against infection at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2021.

Structural measures at the exhibition stand that make it easier to keep the clearances, wearing a mouth and nose cover or regular disinfection - as an exhibitor you can contribute to the protection of the participants with numerous measures. Much of this can be implemented with relatively simple means and without major costs. A hygiene concept should be developed for the duration of the trade fair and the stand personnel should be instructed accordingly. In addition, a person responsible should be named who will monitor compliance and act as a contact person.

However, your own behavior is also particularly important: Pay attention to your distance, regular intensive hand washing, smiling instead of shaking hands - measures that most of us should have taken for granted in the past few months.

As part of our general hygiene and safety concept, we have developed extensive measures to enable compliance with the distance rules. This includes, for example, separate entrances and exits, reduced seating in front of stages and appropriately dimensioned passage widths.

The exhibitor is responsible for maintaining the minimum distance at the stand. In addition, each exhibitor must observe the requirements of the safety and hygiene regulations of FRUIT LOGISTICA. To make this easier, we recommend coordinating the stand construction and furniture accordingly (see recommendation for stand construction). For example, no tight seating in meeting rooms, floor markings and plexiglas protective walls at the information counter. In addition, the entire stand personnel should be trained accordingly and deployed as “on-site” as possible.

Arranging appointments in advance is also helpful in order to better distribute the flow of visitors. You are welcome to use the tools we provide, such as the Virtual Market Place®, which is included in your media package.

Part of the event-related hygiene and safety concept is a specific cleaning and hygiene plan. As part of this, in addition to the regular cleaning and disinfection of toilet facilities, door handles and handrails, mobile stations for hand disinfection can be found at the entrances to the site, as well as in the toilet facilities themselves. In addition, we advise participants on appropriate hand hygiene and compliance with the cough and sneeze labels.

You can book stand cleaning as usual after registering as an exhibitor. Additional cleaning services (e.g. disinfection) can also be ordered according to your individual requirements on the basis of an additional cost offer.

This includes the regular cleaning of the surfaces of the tables and counters, equipment such as writing materials or microphones, which should be disinfected immediately after each use. We also expressly recommend that you keep sufficient hand disinfectant at the stand for stand personnel and visitors. In addition, you as the exhibitor should name a responsible employee who will act as a contact person for compliance with the hygiene and distance rules.

It is mandatory to wear a face mask during the event on all traffic areas (entrances, hall corridors, etc.).That also applies in situations in which the distance of 1.50 m cannot be maintained.

Messe Berlin's air conditioning system is operated exclusively in outside air mode without recirculating air. The air is not simply circulated, but exchanged. A transfer is therefore excluded.

There is no defined number, but rather the exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that a minimum distance of 1.50 m is maintained throughout. If minimum distances cannot be implemented in individual cases or in individual areas, increased hygiene conditions and hygiene measures apply, e.g. the installation of spit protection devices on counters and service counters, as well as the obligation to wear a mouth and nose cover.

At all events, Messe Berlin guarantees immediate medical care by trained staff and appropriate on-site facilities. Please refer to the hall plan of the respective event for the exact location of the medical station.
If symptoms such as cough or fever occur before visiting the trade fair, we advise all participants, exhibitors, employees and service providers not to enter the exhibition grounds and to consult a doctor immediately.

In case of an emergency on the exhibition grounds:
First aid from a doctor by telephone: +49 30 3038-2222

In case of an emergency outside the exhibition center:

  • Berlin hotline in case of suspicion of Covid-19: +49 30 90 28 28 28 8 (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)
  • Hotline "Medical on-call service": +49 116 117
  • only call the ambulance in an emergency: 112
  • Doctors on site in Berlin (most speak English)

Remember: Before visiting a medical support center, call and inform them about the suspicion of Covid-19.